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Production in good order
Date: 2016-05-04Views: 7818


         Since the first half of 2016, Wobo Stationery Co., Ltd. received the favor of the domestic and international stationery companies because of its exquisite manufacturing technology, competitive prices, strict quality control, timely delivery.


        In the domestic market, Chenguang,who is the biggest stationery company in China, will continue the pleasant cooperation plan with Wobo stationery. We have cooperated for many years and know each other well, Chenguang trust us so much, and give all the ruler order to Wobo. They formed a very good and long term business relationship.


         In abroad,  Germany stationery manufacturing giant, famous brand Staedtler also began to negotiate business with Wobo becasue Wobo are only make rulers, make good quailty rulers.


         Under the great encouragement, the workshop production are in an orderly manner, the workers work more hard. 2016 is expected to be a successful harvest year!